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Onuk: Philippines’ Finest Beach found at its Tail-end

An Island found at the Southern Tip of Palawan is home to a beach that can easily earn the title: “The Philippines’ Finest.”


Every summer, we are constantly on the look out for new destinations to explore. Besides, of all the 7,641 Philippine Islands, only a handfull are generally considered as established tourist destinations. This includes the island province of Palawan. After earning the most coveted spot as the “World Best Island” for 2 consecutive years, truck loads of tourists have made this their destination of choice, leading to the overnight fame of three of its major attractions: Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron.


However, as how the saying goes “Save the Best for Last,” Palawan’s finest set of islands is hidden far away from the buzzling crowd of Central and Northern Palawan and is found at the southwesternmost tip of this elongated landmass. The Balabac Archipelago is a group of 31 islands found at the very tip of the Palawan Province. It’s a collection of islets, atolls and sand bars, of which Onuk Island is said to be the best, most beautiful, most coveted and yet the most elusive island.


To get here, one needs to travel to Rio Tuba town from Puerto Princesa, a good 4-hour drive and another 4 hours by boat going to Balabac town from Rio Tuba. Balabac town is still in its purest and untouched form, therefore, accommodations are very basic. From simple to “roughing it,” lodgings are available in Balabac town and Punta Sebaring Island.


From Balabac town, iHAPer must take another 2.5 hour scenic boat ride before reaching the paradise called Onuk island. The boat ride can be very calm to rough depending on the time of the day and weather, however, one can witness an otherworldly change of water color from dark blue, light blue to crystal clear white as the island gets closer.


Once the island is reached a blinding white sandy shore welcomes travellers, while a rustic-looking wharf and cottages on stilts is easily noticeable from the approaching boat.


The island of Onuk is blessed with immense beauty. Here, one will find probably the whitest and finest sand, comparable to that of talcum powder; a patch of lush vegetation at the center of the island; nesting sea turtles that come back to the island to lay their eggs; and the healthiest corals, where giant Taclobo clams, Nemo, Dory and other types of fish swim in abundance. To top it all, a view of the mountain range of Sabah, Malaysia is surprisingly visible on the southern horizon of the island.


Special thanks to Travel Blogger Chyng Reyes for sharing this amazing travel experience. Please visit her website for more tips and photos about Onuk Island.

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