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iHAP to our Humble Beginning

Mabuhay! Welcome to Island Hopping Adventure Philippines aka iHAP. Best friends and travel buddies Julius Calvin and Sedrick created this group in December 2011 after a three-week adventure packed trip around the Philippines. Julius, a travel writer and expert in Philippine travel, designed an extensive itinerary that covered iconic landmarks in Metro Manila and major island destinations throughout the archipelago. After visiting more than 30 countries worldwide, it is here in the Philippines where Sedi fell in love the most and found his second home. The trip inspired them to see the vast potential of this country as a great travel desKnaKon for anyone who wants to experience adventure, tranquility, untapped beauty, culture, and the warm hospitality of the Filipinos, known to be one of the world’s happiest, most friendly and warmest people. Thus, iHAP has been formed by their group of friends in the Philippines and California that share the same PASSION of exploring the beauty of this island paradise and COMPASSION in preserving, protecting this paradise and helping the local community.



Before we found and created this group, we wanted to incorporate our beliefs and values in our passion for travel. Yes, we all want to travel and most of us go on vacation, trying to get away from our daily hecKc lives, busy work schedules, families, and other stresses. Why not make
travel more memorable and rewarding? We truly believe that life should be lived with a purpose. Hence, we want to travel the world and make an
imprint in peoples’ lives as well. Our vision and aim is to entice visitors to experience the natural splendor of the Philippine Islands and incorporate travel with social tourism that will enrich their travel experience by immersing themselves in the destinations and its community through various socio-civic activities.


We intend to create a new breed of travellers that will not only appreciate the islands’ physical beauty but will also have the heart to care for its long term sustainability, protection and preservation. Life is calling. What are you waiting for?

Cultivate social awareness among travellers about the rich history and diversity of the Philippine Culture.

Utilize our energy to explore, discover and experience various destinations throughout the archipelago.

Responsibly explore these destinations to ensure their sustainability and preservation.

Enrich every travel experience through various Social Footprint projects.